Pamlico Sea Base






Dates: Friday Sep 9th - Sunday Sep 11th

What: Eco-Kyak Expedition

Where: Pamlico Sea Base Camp

Cost: $45 plus patrol food for kayaking Scouts. $12 plus patrol food for non-kayaking Scouts and adults.

Payment - Due at next Monday's meeting, August 29th.

Adults - Van Hyder (Fri-Sun), Bob Hornburg (Fri-Sun), Anne Takseraas (Fri-Sun), Jim Lathan (Fri-Sun), Duane Grorheer (Sat-Sun).

Format - Arrive Friday 8 to 9pm. Travel time from Raleigh is 2.5 hours. Check in with Camp Director (we're the only troop in camp) and firm up Saturday Eco-Kyak Tour arrangements. Setup for tent camping (cabins are available as a "Plan B" option).

For Saturday Event - Patrol breakfast. Requires a quick-dry shirt, hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, two large water bottles, small dry bag to store items, sandwiches for lunch.

Saturday Night - Patrol dinner and campfire.

Sunday - Patrol breakfast and return to Raleigh.


      MONEY $$$:

$45 For kayaking scouts & leaders

$12 for camping (all scouts & leaders)


$57 Total for kayaking scouts and leaders payable to Troop 210


$12 for Patrol Food - Cash paid to patrol grubmaster



o   too much gear (chairs are ok for adults only)

o   cell phones

o   game boys (leave them in the car)

o   anything that can be damaged by salt water

Remember to Bring

o   Poncho / rain gear

o   Water bottle

o   Sunscreen

o   Bug spray

o   Bathing suit

o   Towel

o   Old shoes / Water Shoes


Misc Info……

o   Class A uniform shirt while traveling. Class B scout shirts while at Cape Lookout. Non boy scout t-shirts are not allowed

o   Raccoons are an issue. No personal food in tents.

o   Adults are responsible for your own tents. Plan accordingly.

Directions to Pamlico Sea Base:


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