Annual Health and Medical Record

The Scouting adventure, camping trips, high-adventure excursions, and having fun are important to everyone in Scouting—and so is your safety and well-being. Completing the Annual Health and Medical Record is the first step in making sure you have a great Scouting experience. So what do you need?

BSA Annual Health and Medical Record

Parts A & B of form are required of all scouts & scouters to participate in Troop outings. All scouts & scouters participating in summer camp (all scouting activities over 72 hours in length) will require Part C as well, SIGNED BY THEIR PHYSICIAN.

All BSA members now use the same form regardless of age.

If you are attending a National High Adventure camp (Philmont, Seabase, and Northern Tier), consult the Risk Advisories and supplemental medial information for each camp on link below.

Additional information on BSA require Medical Information can be found on the BSA Guide to Safe Scouting web site.


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