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COVID-19 Update: Troop leadership is in communication with camp staff, the Council office, and others monitoring the state's  guidelines and camp plans in light of the pandemic.  At this time, summer camp is still on the schedule, but that could change at any time.  We are awaiting an update from the Governor's Office on or about May 22 on the state's reopening plan.  The results of this update will significantly influence the troop's plans.  If you have questions, please contact our Scoutmaster, Chris Brewer. 
Troop 210 will be going to Camp Raven Knob(CRK) this summer from July 5 to 11, 2020

Registration for Camp Raven Knob Summer Camp is now open!   Summer camp is a great place to obtain several merit badges, especially those required for Eagle.   

For new scouts, summer camp is an excellent place to complete the requirements for rank advancement up to First Class.

Please plan to attend summer camp.  You won’t regret it!

The cost for camp registration is $380, plus minor fees for certain merit badges.   HOWEVER, the only payment needed at this time is the $150 deposit..

Once we have the $150 deposit, we can start the merit badge registration process before classes fill up.

Please let Mr. Brewer or Mr.  Hagan know if you plan to attend summer camp, and please provide them your $150 deposit as soon as you can.  They will be collecting deposits on Monday nights.    


If you have an questions about camp, please feel free to reach out to any of the folks below.

My email is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

  • CRK has great programs(Raven Scouts) for first year scouts that helps teach them the basics of scouting, camping and helps them complete the requirements for the first few ranks.
  • CRK has great programs for older scouts that focus on high adventure activities like climbing, mountain biking, hiking and camping.
  • All scouts have the opportunity to have fun and work on rank advancement and merit badges.
  • First year scouts (Pedros) should plan on participating in the Raven Scout program, which will teach them much of the basic scouting and outdoor skills they will need for Tenderfoot.
  • Second year scouts that have not yet received First Class should consider Senior Raven Scouts, which will help them complete many of the requirements for First Class.
  • Older scouts or those who have already attained first class should consider many of the wonderful merit badge and other outdoor activity options that are available.
  • There will be folks at the meetings each Monday night that can answer questions you have related to the camp programs. 

2020 Leaders Guide to Summer Camp The 2020 Leaders Guide is now available and details everything you need to know about Summer Camp. Download a copy to share with your unit today!

Pre-Camp Merit Badge ChecklistSeveral Merit Badges cannot be completed in there entirety at Camp Raven Knob. The following checklist will show you which Merit Badges have requirements that should be completed prior to coming to camp.


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