This past weekend, Troop 210 went on a campoutĀ  to the Hammerstone Scout Museum. They arrived Friday night, set up camp and went to bed. The following morning, they had breakfast and then headed over to the Scout Museum where they saw lots of cool and historic things. While they were in the museum they saw a movie about scouting. When they got back to the campsite, they had lunch and started to cut down trees for firewood. Then the scouts split the firewood and got it all ready for a campfire. Then they had dinner and played games in the dark until it was time for lights out. The scouts who attended the campout were Alex Quarles, Zack Riggs, Tad Thornton, Matthew Lee, Josh Kosek, Sam Eyerman, Thomas Takseraas, James Patton, James Brooks, and Nate Hagan.